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Moringa, a “miracle tree,” offers numerous benefits, including reducing premature aging, managing diabetes, and preventing heart disease through its oil. Benefits Reduces premature aging, moisturize skin, hair, treat infections, reduces inflammation, manage diabetes, lower heart disease risk, and protect against…

Black Seed oil contains antioxidants, offering potential health benefits. Benefits Treatments include asthma, skin conditions, lowering blood sugar, cholesterol, weight loss, and brain health protection.

Our Chondrus Crispus Wildcrafted Seamoss is harvested naturally from the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Guinea in Ghana, where it’s grown abundantly on the coastlines, which is in the Atlantic Ocean. Our Chondrus Crispus Wildcrafted Seamoss is dried directly…

Daily used beauty products that contain Shea Butter are not considered “edible for daily human consumption”, as it is broken down further to enable other products to be incorporated easily.. Is Shea Butter safe for daily Ingestion ? Only the…

What is Neem used for? All parts of the neem tree- leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits, roots and bark have been used traditionally for the treatment of inflammation, infections, fever, skin diseases and dental disorders. The medicinal utilities have been described…

This nut originated from Africa (Ghana, Nigeria), Egypt, and Spain  Tiger nuts have been around for centuries, with origins dating back to Neolithic Egypt where they were used as food and medicine. Tiger nuts come in three main varieties brown,…

Overall, selling natural products can play a crucial role in promoting healthy, sustainable living and fostering a sense of community within the area it serves. It's not just a place to buy products but can also serve as a resource and a focal point for like-minded individuals looking to lead healthier, more environmentally conscious lives.