Tiger Nuts 100% Ghanaian

Tiger Nuts 100% Ghanaian

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Refer to as Ancient Superfood..

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Tiger nut tubers, found in 6,000-year-old Egyptian tombs, are a performance-enhancing food that can help regulate blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, and reduce plaque. They also promote nitric oxide, which helps with erections and protects prostate glands. These tubers are high anti-inflammatory, making them suitable for treating various inflammatory diseases like diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and strokes. They are also an excellent gluten-free source of energy for daily activities and may prevent cancer growth. Ancient Egyptians used tubers for beer, sweets, roasting, fumigations, ointments, and enemas.

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Protein, carbohydrates, essential iron, phosphorus with calcium (promotes intellectual performance), potassium (strengths the heart and nervous system), magnesium (builds strong muscles and bones), high quality essentials fats ( omega 3 – the anti-aging vitamin and cell regenerator)

Country Originated:

Ghana, Africa


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