About us


Swag By Nature Inc. is a Toronto-based Canadian company, surrounded by a diverse population of just under six million. The city is the main hub for Canada’s major Canadian financials; and is home to the most valuable stock exchange and six major banks. With over 50% of its inhabitants being minorities, Swag By Nature aims to ensure each of its customers gains a rewarding experience within Toronto or overseas. We will provide healthier products and services for a brighter life, promoting, empowering, and improving overall health through sustainable natural products like 100% Wildcrafted Seamoss, Locally Unpasteurized Honey, Canadian Maple Syrup, and Ghana Shea Butter for Cooking, along with much more. All our products are carefully selected, both locally and internationally. Air freighted products must be properly certified and inspected by the country’s Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture.

Many people are using 100% Wildcrafted Seamoss products, leading to improved health and a happier life. Our company aims to build a generational customer service platform with a passion for helping others. Their premium quality Wildcrafted Seamoss products are handled with health safety in mind and provide reliable service. Swag By Nature Inc. appreciates the meaningful and continuing support from customers, and visitors to their website, recommending them to family and friends and promoting them on social media platforms.